How To Carry Out An After-Death Clean Up

19 Jan

Death is a hard reality of life and something for which most people are not prepared for, especially the death of a loved one. When such a death happens suddenly and unexpectedly, it can be an emotional and draining experience for the loved ones of the deceased. Just like death being a reality, it is also a reality that an after-death clean-up is required, especially if the death was an unattended death, homicide, or a suicide. The family members and loved ones can be in a devastated position and would require cleaning services after death.

An after-death cleaning service company can carry out a number of tasks to clean up after a death. The circumstances in which the death occurred also determine the type of cleaning and sanitization required. In case of an accident, there could possibly be a lot of blood and body fluids around. Similar could be the situation in case of a suicide or murder. In the unfortunate event that a death occurred without anyone knowing for some days, there would be decomposition of the body which will also have to be taken care of. 

The decomposed body would have given rise to a foul odor which would not go away through simple deodorizing methods and would require a thorough and heavy-duty odor removal. The usual steps which a company might take to carry out the after death clean up mostly include the following:

  • An after-death clean up may be required at a house, office, or vehicle in which case the desired premises are cleaned thoroughly.

  • All biohazardous materials such as bodily fluids and blood are removed from the death scene. These fluids might have gotten absorbed in soft furnishings, carpets, or the bed and would require thorough cleaning and sanitization.

  • The death scene is cleaned thoroughly using disinfectant cleaning solutions and sprays.

  • All types of stains are removed from the affected areas whether they be the floors, walls, furniture, decorative items, soft furnishings, or from fabrics.

  • All the area is decontaminated and disinfected to remove any germs or viruses and also to control their further growth and spread. 

  • Deodorizers are used to remove any foul smell or odor. 

  • All the biohazardous materials and affected clothes etc are disposed off according to the local and federal laws of Singapore. 

There are several companies which provide after-death clean up services, Lumiair being one of them. The experts at Lumiair offer their dedicated and committed services at a time when one might not be emotionally stable to think straight. They conduct bioremediation through which a death site is cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized. 

In the case where there are large amounts of body fluids and blood spread out, the risk of potentially harmful organisms growing and spreading infectious diseases like Hepatitis and HIV cannot be ruled out. The professional after-death cleaning services in Singapore use special equipment and techniques to disinfect and decontaminate the death site to kill off all pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. 

They also offer insurance, and assistance and guidance to the family of the deceased individual and help them make conscious decisions regarding insurance. Using such professional cleaning services after death help restore the death site in to a livable and safe condition.

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