All You Need To Know About Mold

19 Jan

Mold is a very common condition that can occur in different parts of a home. It is especially common in Singapore owing to the humid and damp climate. Floods and water damage can also cause mold to grow making it thrive further in the damp conditions. Mold can grow on walls, floors, cupboards, clothes, carpets, sofas, and other places as well. 

The different locations of the mold call for different types of removal techniques. There are different types of molds that can have negative effects on your health. These health conditions include allergies, respiratory issues, eye infections, and other conditions which can even become life-threatening if left untreated. 

If your home gets infected with mold, the most important thing to do is to remove it completely as well as to remove or reduce the causes of mold. You can use a number of tried and tested home remedies to control mold production and its spread. You can also employ one of the many mold removal services available in Singapore like Lumiair. 

These professional services will carry out an assessment of the mold location as well as the level of contamination it has caused. After assessment, mold removal is carried out and steps are taken to ensure that the occurrence of mold can be prevented. Hiring a professional for remediation for mold contamination can help in correctly identifying and eliminating the source of mold. It can also ensure that toxic and bio-hazardous materials are handled safely and disposed off. 

Certain home remedies which you can try at home first before calling any of the professional mold removal services include:

  • In the case of mold in the kitchen or bathroom, you can try to clean it by washing it with a mixture of water and detergent.

  • In the case of more stubborn types of mold, bleach mixed in water can be used to wash off the affected area. Bleach will also help in removing any discoloration caused by the mold.

  • Baking soda mixed in water can also be used in a similar way to remove mold and any discoloration that it might have caused. 

  • Tea tree oil has amazing anti-fungal properties. It can be mixed with water and used on the affected surfaces which will not only remove the mold but also prevent it from recurring. 

  • There are several mold removal sprays and solutions available in the market which you can use to remove mold from various parts of your home.

Once you have removed mold from your home, you should put in an effort to minimize mold production in the future. To prevent mold from reoccurring, you have to address the factors which caused the mold to grow in the first place. One of the most important factors which contributes to mold growth is humidity and dampness. You can invest in a good dehumidifier to ensure that humidity is reduced. You can also prevent mold growth on various locations by throwing some baking soda on. 

Hiring professional mold removal services from Lumiair saves you from the hassle of cleaning and preventing mold. The professionals have the required expertise and capabilities to ensure that mold is completely removed and disposed off so that it poses no health risks to you or your family. They also ensure that effective measures are taken to prevent mold from growing again.

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